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Why Our Kids’ Clothes are Made From Australian Made Cotton

(Image by @rileys_travels)

Here at BOA Basics, we’re proud of the fact that our range of kids’ clothing is made right here in Australia using Australian made cotton.

What’s so good about Australian cotton?

We’re glad you've asked!

More and more international companies are choosing to use Australian Cotton to make their clothes and products because of its high quality and ethical and sustainable production. Here are just a few reasons why we love making our clothes out of home-grown cotton.

Locally Grown, Family Owned

First and foremost, we love that Australian made cotton is made in our backyard by Australian families. The Australian cotton grower industry employs over 12,000 people, with 90% of our cotton businesses being family-run farms. These farms have generations of history behind them, yielding quality cotton year after year using sustainable and ethical methods. This allows us to support small businesses and local farms while accessing the best quality product.

Sustainable Methods

Speaking of sustainability, we choose natural fibres that, in time, break down naturally back into the environment, unlike synthetic fibres that never break down. The intention behind this is to ensure that our materials don’t negatively impact the world around us. Australian cotton hits that mark. The most water-efficient cotton industry in the world, Australian cotton farmers work hard in partnership with Best Management Practices (BMP) developing and introducing new biotechnologies and innovations that reduce the environmental impact. This is clearly seen in the effort Australian cotton farmers make to preserve and protect native plants and animals. In fact, maintaining a healthy farm often relies on a healthy, natural ecosystem to keep the cotton thriving. That’s why so many modern Australian farmers find alternatives to harmful pesticides and chemicals, treating their cotton farms the natural way.

Versatile Uses

Another factor that makes cotton such a great sustainable option is its versatility. There are plenty of raw materials that may seem like great environmentally stable options, but create by-products that are unusable or non-biodegradable. Australian cotton farmers put every part of the plant to good use, from the cotton itself right down to the seed. While the cotton is sent off to make clothing, bedding, baby products, homewares, hygiene products, and more, the seeds are sent elsewhere. Usually, the seeds will be crushed to create an oil that can be used for cooking, making margarine, soaps, cosmetics, and more. The by-product of the cotton oil is meal and husks, both of which can be fed to livestock ensuring that every part of the plant goes to good use.

Soft, Comfortable & Hypoallergenic

Lastly, we choose cotton because of how it feels! You can’t beat the soft, breathable texture of 100% Cotton. The fact that it’s also hypoallergenic is a huge factor when it comes to making clothing for kids. Australian cotton kids’ clothes are cosy, comfortable, and easy to clean - perfect for happy families.


Boa Basics organic cotton kids tees


From Bud to BOA - The Cotton Farming & Production Process

So now you know why we choose Australian grown cotton, let’s delve into how we get it from bud to BOA! We make sure that every step in our production process is as sustainable and ethical as possible.

It starts with the seeds.

Cotton Australia Cotton Seeds

In Australia’s spring months, cotton seeds are planted as soon as the soil is warm enough. In just one or two weeks, the plants start to emerge from the earth. At this point in the growing process, refuge crops are put in place to act as natural pest deterrents in a range of different ways. Over the next several weeks, the cotton plant will grow to just over a metre, ready for the next step.

(Image by Cotton Australia)

Buds bloom into flowers.

Before you can have cotton, you need cotton flowers. Buds will begin to form, opening up into beautiful white and light pink blooms. When these flowers drop they make way for ripening ‘bolls’ that take four months or so to split open, revealing the cotton within.

Cotton Australia Cotton Flowers      Cotton Australia Cotton Field

(Image 1 by Nicole Moloney for Cotton Australia, image 2 by Sophie Madge for Cotton Australia))

 Harvesting and ginning.

Cotton Australia Cotton Harvesting

Once an agronomist checks that the cotton crop is ready, it’s harvested mechanically and sent to a cotton gin. This is where the cottonseed is separated from the raw lint. Once the seed is sent off to be processed into oil and meal, the lint is pressed into bales and sent off to market.

(Image by Luke Skerman for Cotton Australia)


From fluff to fabric.

The next step is to turn those fluffy white clouds into Australian cotton fabric. The cotton bales are sent to a factory where they’re spun into yarn. That yarn is then woven into fabric and treated to make it even softer and to give it colour and durability. That’s when our ethical pattern makers and manufacturers get their hands on the beautiful fabric and transform it into our sustainable line of kids’ clothing.

Boa Basics organic kids clothes

Australian Grown, Australian Made

From seedling to finished product, BOA Basics kids’ streetwear never leaves Australian soil. We strive to make high-quality clothes for kids that are affordable, long-lasting, ethically made, and sustainable, all while supporting Australian businesses. If you have any questions at all about the materials we use or our production process, please get in touch